UD nonwovens manufacturers talk about the difference between aramid cloth and carbon fiber cloth

2021-07-14 05:02:14

UD nonwovens manufacturers talk about the difference between aramid cloth and carbon fiber cloth
Aramid cloth and carbon fiber cloth are excellent fiber weaving materials. They are widely used once they are available. What is the difference between aramid cloth and carbon fiber cloth?
From the aspect of mechanical function, the tensile strength of aramid cloth is 2060mpa, and that of carbon fiber cloth is higher than it, which is more than 3000mpa. It can accept huge load for a long time. However, the brittleness of carbon fiber cloth is large, and its elongation is not as large as that of aramid. In terms of electrical function: carbon fiber cloth is very different from aramid fiber cloth, that is, carbon fiber cloth is conductive and aramid fiber cloth is not conductive. This makes carbon fiber cloth specially used for power, but this feature also restricts its application. In terms of price: the price of carbon fiber cloth is similar to that of aramid cloth, and the price of domestic carbon fiber cloth is cheap, but the quality needs to be improved. Application: different functions lead to different applications. Carbon fiber cloth is widely used to make car, aircraft, missile, rocket accessories, model parts, medical equipment, sporting goods, musical instruments and jewelry. Aramid cloth is mainly used for high-temperature protective articles, which is not as widely used as carbon fiber.


Aramid cloth is a kind of flexible polymer. Its breaking strength is higher than that of general polyester, nylon and cotton, with large elongation, soft feel and good spinnability. It can produce different sizes, lengths, filaments and short fibers. It can be made into different woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics by placing machinery in general. After cleaning, it can meet the requirements of different categories of protective clothing. The flame-retardant characteristics of this material are selected by its own chemical structure. As it is a kind of durable flame-retardant fiber, it will not decline or lose its flame-retardant function due to the time of application or the number of washing. It has very good thermal stability. It can be used continuously even in high temperature environment, and can still adhere to a high temperature. The solution temperature is high, and melting and melting droplets will not occur at high temperature.
It has good chemical resistance, can withstand most high concentrations of inorganic acids, and has good acid-base resistance at room temperature. The radiation resistance function is also very excellent. Under long-time ultraviolet irradiation, the strength can still remain unchanged and the resistance is excellent. After 100 washes, the tearing of the fabric processed by meta aramid can still reach more than 85%.



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