Influence of adhesives used by UD nonwovens manufacturers on properties of unidirectional fabrics

2021-07-14 04:43:00

Influence of adhesives used by UD nonwovens manufacturers on properties of unidirectional fabrics
There are many kinds of adhesive resins as composites. For bulletproof composites, the fracture elongation and fracture of the resin itself directly affect the bulletproof effect of the whole bulletproof material. Therefore, it is particularly important to select the appropriate resin system for unidirectional cloth materials. The resin matrix for aramid fiber composites shall meet the following conditions:
(1) It can improve the adhesion of the interface and has good wettability to the fiber;
(2) The formed resin shall have certain toughness, not easy to fracture after stress and small shrinkage after heating;
(3) It can meet the performance requirements of aramid fiber composites as bulletproof materials and structural materials.


The viscosity of the selected resin should not be too large. If the viscosity of the resin is too large, the fluidity of the resin is poor, so it directly affects the glue amount; The viscosity is too small, so it is difficult to cover the resin on the glue mixing. Therefore, the glue amount on the unidirectional cloth is small, resulting in that the fiber is not soaked by the glue solution, which affects the flatness of the product. Secondly, the fracture elongation of the selected resin shall be basically consistent with that of the fiber as far as possible, so that when impacted by the bullet, the resin and fiber will bear the force together as far as possible, give full play to the fracture of the resin and fiber, and play the effect that the resin and fiber jointly consume the kinetic energy of the bullet; Thirdly, as the raw material for formal production, the resin should have a long application and shelf life, and can be cured quickly after the unidirectional cloth is coated with resin adhesive, so as to shorten the molding cycle of unidirectional cloth products. The product is mainly used for taking. The selected resin shall meet the technical requirements for taking performance of unidirectional cloth products in terms of strength modulus, toughness, high and low temperature resistance, environmental aging resistance and fiber bonding performance.
The selection of appropriate resin system directly affects the flexibility, appropriate toughness and bonding strength of aramid unidirectional cloth, which plays a vital role in improving the bulletproof performance of aramid unidirectional cloth.



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