Bulletproof steel helmets made of bulletproof materials

2021-05-14 04:28:48

Bulletproof steel helmets made of bulletproof materials

In addition to the necessary bulletproof clothing, bulletproof helmets are also essential for the protective equipment on the battlefield. Steel helmets appeared earlier in World War I and became very popular during World War II. However, the helmet seems heavy, but it can't be effectively blocked in front of rifles and machine gun bullets. In some films reflecting World War II, we can even see that the helmet rope breaks the neck at the moment when the bullet hits down the helmet. Until later, with the emergence of composite materials, the problem of excessive weight of helmets was slightly alleviated, but it was still unable to effectively prevent some close bullets.

So why should soldiers wear helmets when they are not bulletproof and increase their load? Bulletproof material manufacturers to talk about, in fact, the role of steel helmets is not only for bulletproof, but also to prevent fragment killing. After the end of World War II, according to statistics, the number of casualties caused by shells was much greater than that caused by bullets, and many of them killed the enemy with fragments produced by explosion. The kinetic energy of shell fragments is generally small, but it has great lethality to the exposed parts of the human body. In particular, once it hits the fragile head, it is generally fatal. At this time, it is particularly important to wear steel helmets, which can withstand the impact of most fragments, stray bullets and jumping bullets at a certain distance, and greatly improve the battlefield survival rate of soldiers. And when necessary, the helmet can also be used as a weapon for melee combat, or even a small pot for camping cooking.
Moreover, the cost of helmet is not high, and there is no problem with large-scale assembly, so it has also become one of the favorite equipment for soldiers.



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