Discussion on the protection standard of UD nonwovens manufacturers

2021-07-14 05:04:49

Discussion on the protection standard of UD nonwovens manufacturers
At present, many customers do not particularly understand the detailed protection standards of aramid non-woven fabrics, nor do they know the flame retardant principle of aramid non-woven fabrics. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the flame retardant principle of aramid non-woven fabric.
The flame-retardant fiber guessed on the surface of flame-retardant tooling can greatly slow down the burning speed of work clothes and stop immediately after leaving the fire source. The burning part is required to be sensitive to carbonization without melting, dripping or perforation. It gives people time to evacuate the burning site or take off the burned clothes, reduce or prevent burns and burns, and reach the purpose of maintenance.
There are two main flame retardant principles. One is to accelerate the dehydration and carbonization of fibers and reduce combustible substances to flame retardant, such as ammonia treatment of fabrics and treatment of cotton fabrics; The other is to change the internal structure of the fiber through chemical process, reduce combustible components and achieve the purpose of flame retardant.   

Aramid cloth is aramid fiber with excellent mechanical function. Aramid fabric is a kind of flexible polymer. Its cracking strength is higher than that of ordinary polyester and cotton, and its cracking elongation can have different sizes and lengths. Fibers and filaments with short length are woven with different yarns under textile machinery, and non-woven fabrics can meet the requirements of different categories of protective clothing. Excellent flame retardancy and heat resistance to facilitate its separation from flame. Flame retardant aramid fiber is selected by its chemical structure. It is a kind of long-lasting flame-retardant fiber. It has the flame-retardant function that decreases or loses when it is not used and washed. An important point analyzed by aramid filament manufacturers is that aramid fiber has excellent thermal stability, aramid fabric has excellent resistance to most chemicals and high concentration of inorganic acids. Radiation resistant aramid fabric has excellent functions. The durable aramid fabric has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance. The tear strength of the fabric after 100 washing can still reach more than 85% of the original strength after aramid processing. More and more local aramid fabrics are used around us and play a wider role in their application.



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