Performance of bulletproof cloth of bulletproof vest

2021-05-14 04:28:48

Performance of bulletproof vest
It is used to protect human body from bullet or shrapnel. The bulletproof jacket is mainly composed of a jacket and a bulletproof layer. Bulletproof clothing is usually made of bulletproof materials and chemical fiber fabrics. The bulletproof layer is made of metal (special steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic (corundum, boron carbide, silicon carbide), FRP, nylon, Kevlar and other materials to form a single or composite protective structure. The bulletproof cloth layer can absorb the kinetic energy of warhead or shrapnel, has obvious protective effect on low-speed warhead or shrapnel, and can reduce the damage to human chest and abdomen. Bulletproof vests include infantry bulletproof vests, aircrew bulletproof vests and artillery bulletproof vests.防弹布厂家

The bulletproof performance of bulletproof clothing mainly reflects the following three aspects:
(1) Anti pistol and rifle bullets: many soft bulletproof vests can prevent pistol bullets, but to prevent rifle bullets or bullets with higher energy, ceramic or steel bulletproof plates are required.
(2) Bulletproof sheet: the high-speed shrapnel produced by the explosion of various explosives such as bombs, mines, shells and grenades is one of the main threats on the battlefield. According to the survey, the order of threats faced by soldiers in a battlefield is shrapnel, bullet, explosion shock wave and heat. Therefore, the function of bulletproof sheet should be emphasized.
(3) Non penetrating injury prevention: the bullet will produce a large impact force after hitting the target. The damage produced by this impact force on the human body is often fatal. This kind of injury does not show penetration, but it will cause internal injury and life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, preventing non penetrating injury is also an important feature of bulletproof clothing.
On the one hand, the wearing performance requirements of bulletproof clothing mean that on the premise of not affecting the bulletproof ability, bulletproof clothing should be as light and comfortable as possible, and people can still complete various actions flexibly after wearing. The other is the ability of clothing to adjust the microclimate environment of "clothing human body" system. For bulletproof clothing, it is hoped that after wearing bulletproof clothing, the human body can still maintain the basic heat and moisture exchange state of "human clothing", so as to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the inner surface of bulletproof clothing and cause discomfort such as muggy and humid to the human body, so as to reduce physical consumption. In addition, due to its special use environment, the adaptability of bulletproof clothing to other weapons and equipment should also be considered.



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