On the use of bulletproof helmets by bulletproof material manufacturers

2021-07-14 09:54:47

What are the precautions for the use and storage of bulletproof helmets discussed by bulletproof material manufacturers
Bulletproof helmets are powerful protective equipment for law enforcement personnel. When performing tasks, the protection of the body is very obvious. It is very effective against knife stabbing, hard object impact and liquid corrosion. What problems should be paid attention to when using and storing bulletproof helmets?
1. Do not store with corrosive substances at the same time. Although bulletproof helmets can resist corrosive liquids in a short time, they cannot be stored together for a long time. They must be kept at a certain distance.
2. Keep away from the high-temperature storage environment, and the bulletproof helmet will deform under the influence of heat source for a long time. Therefore, a dry and ventilated environment is OK, and the requirements are not high.

3. When using bulletproof helmets, pay attention to their service life. If cracks and looseness are found, they should be replaced in time to avoid failure to play a role at the critical moment.
Different bulletproof helmets are made of different materials. Now they are generally made of high-density fiber materials, and steel is rarely used, because although steel helmets are relatively powerful in defense performance, they are relatively poor in flexibility and weight, and the defense ability of high-density fiber materials is also very strong, You can easily the bullets of the pistol, and even the deformation is very small.
In the face of rifle shooting, the bulletproof helmet has a certain degree of deformation, but it is still not penetrated. Although the person who is shot will feel the heavy blow on the head, it will not be fatal, which achieves the effect and purpose of the bulletproof helmet.



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