What are the differences between stab proof clothing and bulletproof clothing

2021-07-14 09:49:13

What are the differences between stab proof clothing and bulletproof clothing
Ordinary bulletproof vests are made of Kevlar material. When the bullet hits the bulletproof vest, the aramid fiber with strong toughness transmits the kinetic energy of the bullet to the whole bulletproof vest, so as to achieve the bulletproof effect. In other words, the principle of the bulletproof vest is to allocate the impact kinetic energy of the warhead to each Kevlar fiber, so the bullet of the bulletproof vest will be scrapped as soon as it is fired.
However, the shear stress generated by the cutter is perpendicular to the fiber material, and the energy density of the blade tip is much higher than that of the warhead. People who have studied this material know that the resistance of fiber materials to vertical shear stress is poor, or even has no effect.
Therefore, for the cutter, the bulletproof vest is only hope and sigh. Good stab resistant clothing is protected by the principle of "soft over hard, hard and soft". It not only pays attention to the protective performance, but also pays more attention to the comfort of wearing. The flexible stab proof material developed for armor protection adheres to this concept, and the stab proof clothing developed pays more attention to the wearing performance of the human body.
The main difference between bulletproof vest and stab proof vest is the different protection objects. The former is mainly used to protect bullets, and the latter is mainly used to protect knives and sharp edge tools. Bulletproof vests and stab proof vests have different protection objects, their design principles and structures are also different, and can not be mixed.


Bulletproof vests are generally military, and special police officers need to wear such protective articles on duty. Although China prohibits private possession of guns, we still need to pay attention to protection, because its role is not only that. Today, let's briefly talk about its basic functions.
Bulletproof film, high-speed fragments of various explosives such as bombs, mines, shells and grenades are one of the main threats on the battlefield. The order of threats faced by soldiers on the battlefield is grenades, bullets, explosive shock waves and high temperature. Therefore, the role of bulletproof sheet has been paid attention to.
Secondly, in order to prevent non penetrating damage, the bullet will produce a great impact force after hitting the target. This effect on the human body is often fatal. This kind of damage does not show penetration, but it will cause internal injury. In serious cases, it is life-threatening. Therefore, preventing non penetrating damage is also an important aspect to reflect and experience the bulletproof performance of bulletproof clothing.
On the one hand, the performance requirements of bulletproof clothing mean that it should be as light as possible and can complete various actions more flexibly without affecting the bulletproof performance. In addition, due to its special use environment, the compatibility with other weapons and equipment should also be considered.



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