How to make bulletproof cloth absorb bullet kinetic energy

2021-05-14 04:28:48

How to make bulletproof cloth absorb bullet kinetic energy
In terms of bulletproof materials, in order to meet the requirements that bulletproof clothing should absorb the kinetic energy of bullets and other projectiles to a large extent, bulletproof materials need to have the properties of high strength, good toughness and strong energy absorption ability. At present, the materials used in bulletproof clothing, especially soft bulletproof clothing, are mainly high-performance fibers. These high-performance fibers are characterized by high strength and high modulus. Although some high-performance fibers, such as carbon fiber or boron fiber, have high strength, they are basically not suitable for human bulletproof clothing due to poor flexibility, small breaking work, difficulty in textile processing, and high price. Specifically, for bulletproof fabric, its bulletproof effect mainly depends on the following aspects: fiber stretching, fiber breaking elongation and breaking work, fiber modulus, fiber orientation and stress wave transmission speed, fiber fineness, fiber collection mode, fiber weight per unit area, yarn structure and surface characteristics, fabric structure, and fiber mesh thickness, The number of layers of mesh layer or fabric layer, etc.

The properties of fiber materials used for impact resistance depend on the fracture energy of fiber and the speed of stress wave transmission. The stress wave is required to diffuse as soon as possible, and the fracture energy of fiber under high-speed impact should be increased as much as possible. The tensile fracture work of a material is the energy that a material has to resist external force failure. It is a function related to tension and elongation deformation. Therefore, theoretically, the higher the tension, the stronger the elongation deformation ability, the greater the energy absorption potential of the material. However, in practice, the material used for bulletproof clothing is not allowed to have excessive deformation, so the fiber used for bulletproof clothing must also have high deformation resistance, that is, high modulus.



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