Bulletproof ability of bulletproof cloth yarn

2021-05-14 04:28:48

Bulletproof ability of bulletproof cloth yarn
The influence of yarn structure on bulletproof ability stems from the difference of single fiber utilization and overall elongation and deformation ability of yarn caused by different yarn fabrics. The fracture process of yarn first depends on the fracture process of fiber, but because it is an aggregate, there are great differences in fracture mechanism. The fiber fineness of bulletproof material is fine, so it is close to each other in the yarn, and the force is more uniform, so the strength of the yarn is improved. In addition, the straightness and parallelism of fiber arrangement in yarn, the number of internal and external transfer and yarn twist all have an important impact on the mechanical properties of yarn, especially the tensile force and breaking elongation.


In addition, due to the interaction between yarn and yarn, yarn and projectile, the surface characteristics of yarn will strengthen or weaken the above two effects. The existence of oil and moisture on the yarn surface will reduce the resistance of bullets or shrapnel to penetrate the material. Therefore, people often need to clean and dry the material, and seek ways to improve the penetration resistance. Synthetic fibers with high tensile force and high modulus are usually highly oriented, so the fiber surface is smooth and the friction coefficient is low. When these fibers are used in bulletproof fabrics, the ability of transmitting energy between fibers after being hit by bullets is poor, and the stress wave cannot diffuse rapidly, which also reduces the ability of the fabric to block bullets.



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