Composition of bulletproof vest

2021-05-14 04:29:08

Composition of bulletproof vest
Bulletproof clothing is mainly composed of clothing cover, bulletproof layer, buffer layer and bulletproof insert plate. The bulletproof cloth manufacturer will introduce it.
The bulletproof cloth for clothing cover is generally made of chemical fiber fabric or wool cotton fabric, which plays a role in protecting the bulletproof layer and making the appearance beautiful. Some clothing covers are provided with several pockets for carrying ammunition and other supplies. The bulletproof layer is usually made of metal, aramid fiber (Kevlar fiber), high strength and high modulus polyethylene and other materials, which is used to open or embed penetrating bullets or explosive fragments.
The buffer layer is used to eliminate the impact kinetic energy and reduce non penetrating injury. It is usually made of closed hole knitted composite fabric, soft polyurethane foam plastics and other materials.


Bulletproof insert plate is a kind of insert plate to enhance the protection ability of bulletproof layer. It is mainly used to protect the penetration of rifle direct projectile and high-speed small fragments.
Bulletproof clothing is used to protect human body from bullet or shrapnel. The bulletproof jacket is mainly composed of a jacket and a bulletproof layer. Garment covers are often made of chemical fiber fabrics. The bulletproof layer is made of metal (special steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic (corundum, boron carbide, silicon carbide), FRP, nylon, Kevlar and other materials to form a single or composite protective structure. The bulletproof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of warhead or shrapnel, has obvious protective effect on low-speed warhead or shrapnel, and can reduce the damage to human chest and abdomen. Bulletproof vests include infantry bulletproof vests, aircrew bulletproof vests and artillery bulletproof vests.




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